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A Self-Healing Possibility
Visualize an idyllic quite spot in a rain forest close to a gentle water stream. On a large rock, you see the silhouette of a person sitting there. Yet in that peaceful environment you can sense the tension in this person who carries a heavy burden of stress from:
  • A difficult childhood.
  • Death in the family.
  • Arguments within the family.
  • Pressure at work.
  • Ill health.
  • Relentless demands by others.
Now realize that this person is in a safe peaceful place – there are no immediate threats. There is no stressful situation - yet this person’s health, thinking, and life is in turmoil. They are holding on to sufferings, arguments, resentments and personal losses of the past.

Start to visualize this person whilst acknowledging all these past events. The person is starting to let go of that past. Become prepared for the realization that right now, in the present the person in question is in a peaceful, serene place taking in all the vibrations of this environment.

Now you see this person’s body relaxing, gaining positive energy, the mind quieting down, savouring the moment, they are open to healing.

Extract from the MTF Personal Development Program Introduction

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